WASDI : Web Advanced Space Developer Interface

WASDI implements a unique, simple and intuitive interface to foster the exploitation of the asset concerning EO data and satellite products, for satisfying requirements of users’ communities and, in particular:

  • experts/researchers in the field of Earth Sciences

  • managers of services and public administrations (i.e. civil protection decision makers)

  • private companies (i.e. insurance, agricolture)

WASDI allows researchers to gather satellite data, in particular the Sentinel ones, display them on-line, run algorithms, displaying and evaluating the results, and allows to share these projects among different users.

The results of the calculations will then be available for download, allowing local further processing, or published directly through the Web.

Getting Started with WASDI

WASDI web platform is the best starting point for your journey on Earth Observations (EO) resources !

This basic tutorial will help to acquire the main concepts and use WASDI for your EO research.

If you’re acquired the basic concepts of WASDI and you’re interested in how processors can be launched, take a look at this tutorial. This will highlights Synchronous and Asynchronous WASDI programming.

WASDI User Manual

WASDI has created a comprehensive user manual to explain and simplify all operations in WASDI. If you require explanation for any concepts in WASDI, please see the corresponding section in the manual. A good starting point to search for and executing applications is the tutorial on the Space Marketplace

WASDI Marketplace

All the WASDI Applications are available for end users’ with a simple and intuitive Interface. Choose your App, set your input data with a few clicks and enjoy the result.

A good starting point to applications is the App store overview

Add your App to WASDI

Unleash the real power of WASDI, developing and uploading your own downstream application to run it on EO images on the fly! Wasdi supports several programming languages:

  • Python 3.x

  • IDL 3.7.2

  • Octave 6.x

  • C#

  • Javascript

If you already know WASDI features and you are a Python developer check out the python tutorial

Reference center

WASDI allows users and developer to interact though libraries and APIs. Find the reference of your language library on the left menu.

Terms and Conditions

Please, before start using WASDI, check our terms and condition.