Get list of S2 tiles in an area of interest

The following code shows how to list the different S2 tiles that intersects the area of interest


To run this code you need:
  • A running Python 3.x Environment

  • A valid WASDI Account

  • A valid Config file

If this is not clear, you probably need to take a look to the Python Tutorial before.



Assume you have at least one workspace and you configured it in the config.json file

This snippet is meant to get a list of unique S2 Tiles as a result of a search. For more info about the search of S2 please see Search Sentinel-2 Images .

# Read the Bounding Box Object: usually you will take if from the parameters
oBBox = wasdi.getParameter("BBOX", None)
# Set Start Date
sStartDate = wasdi.getParameter("START_DATE", "2023-01-01")
# Set End Date
sEndDate = wasdi.getParameter("END_DATE", "2023-01-10")

# Start Search S2 MSI1C Images (Level 1)
aoProductsFoundArray = wasdi.searchEOImages("S2", sStartDate, sEndDate, sProductType="S2MSI1C", oBoundingBox=oBBox)

# The result is an array of Objects. Each Object is a Dictionary.

# Here we will put our list of tiles
asTiles = []
   for oS2L2Image in aoProductsFoundArray:
      sImage = oS2L2Image["title"]
      sTile = sImage.split('_')[5]
      if sTile not in asTiles:

except Exception as oE:
    wasdi.wasdiLog(f'Error listing the tiles: {type(oE)}: {oE}')
    wasdi.updateStatus('ERROR', 0)

wasdi.wasdiLog("Involved Tiles " + str(asTiles))

What it does:

  • Read Bounding Box and Dates from parameters

  • Starts searching S2 L1 Images

  • Loop the results and extract unique Tiles


The same snippet can be used also for Level 2 Data.